Saturday, March 12, 2016


  • Objective: The objective here is to build a app that is functionally similar to the one given here :

  • The rules are as follows:-

    #1: Don't look at the example project's code. I have to figure it out myself.
    #2: I have to fulfill the following user stories. I am free to use whichever libraries or APIs I need.

    The user stories are given as:-

    #1: A button to show a new random quote.
    #2: A button to tweet out the quote.

    I used the Random Famous Quotes API by Andruxnet delivered in Json format.

    Initially I found myself clueless about the API thing. To solve this issue I went through API documentations.

    Next issue I was not able to figure out how my Jquery code is doing. Inorder to solve this and find where my code was failing I fired up firebug addon for firefox. In the firefox console I could easily check my code running issues.

    So here is my version of the Random Quote Machine. Please check it out by clicking on the embedded version.

    See the Pen Random Quote Machine by Bhagwant Singh (@sagit2002) on CodePen.


    1. Try not using multiple $(document).ready(function() {

      see this