Friday, April 1, 2016


Git is a source code management system aka version control system. It can be used for managing source code for very small to large projects with code running into millions of lines.

It went through this short try git hands on tutorial to get a overview and basic commands used by git system. Its very interesting you can check it out here.

So the installation part is quite straight forward on Ubuntu.

First fire up the terminal and type the following command to install git software.

sudo apt-get install git

This will not much of the time depending on Internet speed.
After completion of the installation next step is to configure the git. For this first we have to set a user name and then our email address. Run the following commands on the terminal one by one.

git --global "Your Name"
git --global

Remember to omit double-quotes in your email address. If you use them it will have undesirable consequences at later stages. But if in doubt at later stages we can always check these variable by issuing the following commands on the terminal.

git --global
git --global

That it we are ready to put our source code under version control

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